Defluoridation Systems

  • Defluoridation Systems

The demand for safe drinking water is increasing day by day due to burgeoning population and industrial growth. The portability of water from natural sources has become questionable owing to various types of contamination. The quality of water from underground sources on which most of the Indian population depends, is determined by the geological structure of the site and varies widely. The contamination of water with fluoride has been identified in ground water from major parts of India. Because of this, the people in over 15 states have fallen victims. Excess of fluoride over 1.5 ppm (mg/l) in drinking water causes Fluorosis (Dental & Skeletal) and it has become essential to take remedial measures to solve this mammoth problem.

Today's process of Defluoridation is being done by using Activated Alumina or by Reverse Osmosis methods, both of which result in further contamination of ground water due to wastages. Hence the need of the hour is not just Defluoridation but also to prevention of wastages getting into ground.

Main Advantages :

  • No addition of any chemical to remove fluoride
  • No pre of post treatment of water
  • Electrochemically generated aluminium hydroxide is more active
  • Helps in charge neutralisation of other colloidal impurities
  • Automatic removal of other contaminants such as Ca, Mg, HCO3-, Fe2+ etc to certain extent


The system involves a simple mechanism of ELECTROCHEMICAL PROCESS, hence there is no necessity of addition of any chemical. It is a combination of electro-precipitation, electro-coagulation and electro-flotation.

Other Advantages:

  • No usage of chemical for regeneration (as in case of Activated Alumina)
  • No chemical cleaning of Electrodes
  • No further ground water contamination (as in case of Reverse Osmosis)
  • No wastage of water (as in case of Reverse Osmosis)
  • The cheapest method
  • No special training required and can be operated by unskilled persons
  • Most efficient, reliable and simple system
  • Automatic removal of hardness to certain extent
  • No change in pH value
  • Highly reliable and proven technology
  • Community model, hence simple logistics to supply fluoride-free water to villages

Flow Chart :

flow chart