Custom Made Manifolds

  • Defluoridation Systems

Custom Made Manifolds :

We design and manufacture customized valves to fulfill our customers' requirements. These manifolds contribute to decreasing in plumbing and minimization of the inner volume. We provide channels of the minimum width as narrow as 0.2 mm depending on the manufacturing technologies a manifold.

Characteristics of Custom Manifolds

• Chemical Compatibility : Suitable for highly chemically inert materials like PEEK, PPS, PTFE, etc, can be chosen for the manifold.

• Channel Configuration : Flow channel configurations with a common inlet or a common outlet, and a radial type or a line type are available at customer’s requirements. Through the use of a bonding technique, 3D flow channel configurations that cannot be produced by the machining process are possible.

• Number of Mounted Valves : We are experienced in manufacturing a manifold unit with 192 valves. The number of mounted valves can be selected as per requirement.

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