Micro Pump

Piezoelectric micro pump - SDMP SERIES

The Piezoelectric Micro Pump is a miniature, slim and lightweight diaphragm micro pump that enables continuous micro fluid delivery. The metals are not used as wetted materials so this pump is highly chemically inactive. Self priming, low noise, low power consumption and low electrical magnetic noise have been achieved.

Standard flow rate 3 or 7 ml/min
Max. pump pressure 45 kPa
Outer dimensions 25 x 25 x 4.8 mm

Driver and Controller for Piezoelectric Micro Pump
The MPD-200A

The MPD-200A is a thin, compact and lightweight driver board. It is a high voltage circuit board, specifically designed for the piezoelectric micro pumps. From a regular 5 VDC input, it readily generates approximately the 250 Vp-p, 40 Hz necessary for driving the pump.

Controller MPC-200B

The MPC-200B is a compact and lightweight controller that can provide the high voltage power output necessary to drive the piezoelectric micro pumps. It is user-friendly with a front panel digital display for configuring the output voltage and output frequency, and a memory function to store the most recently used settings.

Peristaltic pump – RP-Q SERIES:

• The Peristaltic Pump is designed for pumping liquid/ fluids.
• As it is so compact, it can sit on the tip of a finger.
• Discharge rates of up to 3.0 ml/min.
• DC motor is driven and low power consumption.
• Can be operated by battery.
• Easily replaceable pump head (QII & QIII). 

Method DC geared motor
Typical flow rate 0.20 ~ 3.00 ml/min
Outer dimensions 12 x 14 x 30
Max.Pump pressure 50 kPa
Port connection I.D. 1.2 or 1.5 mm tubing
Rated voltage DC3V
Power consumption < 0.36 W
Self-priming Possible

Transfer pump - RP-TX Series

The RP-TX series is a micro peristaltic pump whose flow rate is the world’s lowest level for a peristaltic pump on the market (0.03 - 40 μl/min). Its pump head is replaceable, which includes tubing. It is compact with dimensions of just 33 x 12 x 21.5 mm. An easy-to-use controller is available upon request. (Sold separately) 

Method Stepper motor
Typical flow rate 40 μl/min
Outer dimensions 33 x 12 x 21.5
Max.Pump pressure 30 kPa
Wetted materials Silicone, Olefine
Port connection I.D. 0.5 mm tubing
Rated voltage 3 VDC
Self-priming Possible

Metering Pump – MLP-200P

The MLP-200P is a solenoid metering pump with a maximum pumped volume of 200 μl. Excellent repeated pumped volume accuracy of 1 %. The adjustable range of pumped volume per shot is 10 - 200 μl. Usage precautions for the metering pumps can be viewed here. *This pump is designed for pumping liquid. 

Method Solenoid
Maximum pumped volume

200 μl/shot

Pumped volume adjustable range

10 μl 200 μl

Repeat accuracy


Maximum pump frequency

2 Hz

Port connection

M6, 1/4-28UNF

Wetted materials


Rated voltage

12VDC, 24VDC

Power consumption


Outer dimensions

36.0 x 50.0 x 70.0 mm

Fluid temparature range

10 40 Deg

Ambient temparature range

10 40 Deg

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